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Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company offering high-quality metal extrusions for electronic and electrical products through the creative application of new technologies. We are dedicated and committed to helping your company with all your production needs. by providing parts, products, assembly, and testing services. We are a company that believes in the highest quality. On-time delivery at competitive prices Good customer service and environmental considerations. We have a network of companies in Japan and the Philippines that have a wide range of capabilities in manufacturing and designing tools and equipment that can be developed for customers as well.

Please feel free to contact and visit our company. We are happy to help you with everything. With our tools and personnel can solve problems for you
We can make your company stand out by providing the best products for your company’s needs.
Our factory provides repair and development services. Machine design to support customers with high technology tools And our affiliates have electronic laboratories suitable for special equipment that is required.

Over the years We have created a wide range of products including springs, jigs, jigs, machines, shaft pins, and tools. Various forms in the automotive and electronics industries and the Hard disk industry, even many special tools as the customer wants You can inquire about details of products that you would like our company to produce or design and develop, or any information about the company’s past work. Please get in touch with us immediately.

Our company has a wide range of equipment, machines and special tools. To increase efficiency in production of workpieces various parts and every piece of equipment Standardized according to international standards Our company will strive to develop production potential. To deliver better product quality forever We will never stop developing.

Our group of companies The parent company is in Japan. Very efficient in designing, researching, and developing various machines. We also have a team of talented engineers in various departments. To help design and develop products for customers anytime for many years. We also have another company in the Philippines that has machinery manufacturing capacity and also has a large factory and many employees. To support production in large quantities quickly and with quality, our company has also received honors from leading companies in the country. Come join in investing for the company. which can be assured that Our company is stable. and efficiency in working for customers

Precision Technology Company Limited 142 Soi Latphrao 80 (Chantima), Latphrao Road, Wangthonglang, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Tel: +(66) 02-538-4808 Fax: +(66) 02-539-6132

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